New Video session in the recording studio

New Videos & Recording Session

After several years of teaching and rehearsing in the our new studio, I thought it was about time to record a video session to promote my teaching and playing.
Working from such a great recording space at momentum studios, I collaborated with my bandmates from I Love Amp to come up with a few tunes. The Session went really well. We spent an afternoon recording the tracks and I’m pretty happy with what we managed to achieve.

Drummer Showcase

The first session is a rock track in the style of Audiosoave, Royal blood and Jeff Beck. It’s simple, heavy and loud. The session was meant to showcase my love of rock music and the raw instinctive elements in my playing.
The second session is a pop/fusion shuffle. It’s a little more technical, but still reflects how as a drummer, I focus on groove and feel.

After completing these videos, I set up a dedicated ‘Tim Brooks Drummer’ Facebook page:

Tim Brooks Drummer Facebook Page

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